Cornish lifestyle - history - language

Cornwall is filled with history and culture. From Newquay to Penzance this land has stories to tell.

Our language, once lost, is alive again. Thanks to a small community of Cornish language revivalists, we can see this wonderful language push its way back into everyday life. 

History seeps through the Cornish earth, bleeding into every rock, hill and coast. This blog is to bring this history back to life, for all to enjoy.

Fiction: The Mermaid Slayer

When her business is done, it is known that a storm will always follow. As thunder cracks and waves smash against the harbour walls, I can only pray …

What On Earth Did That Cornishman Say?

I've compiled a list of 5 Cornish slang words to allow our visitors a chance to understand what the hell is going on when they meet a native …

Royal Cornwall Museum: Medieval Gold Ring

A look at a Medieval gold ring on display at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.

The Murder of Charlotte Dymond On Bodmin Moor

Charlotte Dymond was murdered in Cornwall in the 19th century. Her supposed murderer was executed at Bodmin Jail, but was he the real killer?