Hi all!

My name is Bren, @kernowbren. I was born and bred in Cornwall, West Cornwall to be precise. I really didn't appreciate this county until I moved away in 2021. I attempted to pursue a career in Fashion History by attending Central Saint Martins in London. That didn't work out​ too well - I realised it wasn't the right path for me, so I moved back!

I missed everything about Cornwall when I left. I missed the freedom that comes with the countryside, the beaches and coastline, but I also felt I could finally breathe again when I can back here.

I started this blog because I want to share my love of Cornwall. My aim is to give people a space to appreciate Cornwall's beauty, history and language. Over on my Instagram and Facebook I post a Cornish word a day. I'm hoping to get more people excited about learning our language and bring it back into everyday life.

I have Irish (on my dad's side) and Cornish (on my mum's side) heritage. A few years ago I decided to trace my family tree, feeling a need to almost connect with my ancestors. On my Cornish line I can trace my ancestors back until the mid-1500s. My Cornish line splits with half of my ancestors seeming to come from Padstow, and the other half from Newlyn/Paul.

Enjoy your time on my small corner of the internet.

Bren x

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